Getting Started  
1.  Getting Started 2.  How to Begin 3.  Going to Class 4.  Keeping Pace 5.  Contacting Teachers 6.  Announcements 7.  Taking Notes 8.  Starting Work 9.  Submitting Work 10.  Grades 11.  Discussion Boards 12.  Live Sessions 13.  Assurances
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Getting Started

Getting started in your course is easy. We'll show you how!

In this first module in your course, the Resources Module, you will encounter all sorts of useful information. You'll learn how to navigate in Buzz, how to communicate with your teacher, and what is expected of you in your course. Be sure to read all the information and watch all the videos, as they do demonstrate various important tasks.

Be sure to ask your teacher any questions that you are still curious about after you've read through these pages. We want you to have the very best experience possible.

To get started, you will learn about Buzz. Click the Next arrow to see the first video demonstrating how to go to class. Each page will cover various tasks, such as:

So, be sure to watch each video to get a good start on your course!